Conversations with Dr Jennifer Stewart Public · Hosted by Equinity Horse and Rider Emporium

Amazing opportunity presented by Equinity Horse and Rider Emporium and Jenquine

Equine nutrition can be confusing — yet owners have voted health and nutrition as the topics they most want to learn about! With that goal in mind, and the belief that better information makes for healthier horses, educating horse owners is a key responsibility for equine veterinarians — and the key role of Jenquine.

Join us at this exclusive VIP event, meet and greet and casual conversations with Dr Stewart ( founder of Jenquine) and Dr Doug English ( founder of Tumeric Life) . If you admire this product and would love to ask questions, have wanted to switch to Jenquine Products or if you’d simply like say hello and shake the hand of two Equine Health and Nutrition greats, you need to be here!! 

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