East Coast Pulse & Performance x 1 session

PEMF can assist the body’s overall wellness and function. Maintance use of PEMF will help maintain general wellness which is currently one of the only ways to fight this virus
PEMF has been shown to:
* Increase oxygenation, which will help keep cells healthy and functioning optimally
* Stimulates the mitochondria to produce more ATP, the energy molecule of the body -like gas for a car, which will help fuel the body systems to continue normal cell function
* Decreases inflammation which is one of the side effects of infection, helping the cells recover faster and potentially remain healthy, thereby limiting the spread of the infection from cell to cell.
All three of these PEMF benefits are essential to a healthy functioning immune system, and are vital to routine healthy body function.
East Coast Pulse and Performance is offering its services to Northern Rivers and SEQ for both horses and Dogs.
PEMF is a non-invasive therapy that uses Electromagnetic Fields to enhance the bodies enate ability to regenerate and heal itself.
Pulse can help to optimse your horses wellness and reduce recovery time from injuries by increasing blood circulation, reducing inflammation and pain, improving range of motion and assisting with muscle fatigue.
Regardless of your horses disipline, age, fitness… The Benefits of Pulse can be experienced by the weekend pleasure horse right through to the elite performance horse.
Huge thank you Christina McDonald for your donation of 1 session.