The Eventing Physiologist – 1 x session

The Eventing Physiologist- Rider biomechanics, studies the riders position and motion during movement and its interaction with the horse. The rider’s posture, fitness, balance and communication with the horse has a large interaction with the horse’s performance, which can impact the horse’s biomechanics in positive and negative ways. With the combination of anatomical, biomechanical and sport specific (equestrian) knowledge, The Eventing Physiologist will help you develop an effective riding positon, seat and rider fitness enabling performance improvements.

Rider Biomechanics sessions are 60mins focusing solely on Rider Biomechanics which includes:

  • A ridden assessment of your seat and position on your horse as you warm up through the paces and specific target points

  • An “off horse” assessment including strength and range of motion tests of your whole body, more specifically areas of importance to riders.

  • The session is then followed up with an explanation of the findings and its relation to the rider performance

  • The remainder of the session performed “on horse” working on improving the riders feel and understanding of their biomechanics and seat.

An overview of the session will be sent through via email after the session, explaining the findings as well as a treatment plan to continue with to further develop your riding performance between sessions.

Many thanks to Natasha Gunston for donating to out auction. Natasha holds clinics throughout SE QLD and NE NSW regularly.